Why you should join Tik Tok as a Family

I joined Tik tok which is a social sharing dancing/acting app and It has been such a great fun family experience, it has also been good for me personally, I just posted a mental health post as it’s mental health awareness week and it has influenced me to post about my Tik Tok journey and why I think it would be beneficial to your families mental well being.  This is not a paid post.

I started doing videos based on motherhood. Just me recording my daily mom experiences and then I did some dance challenges and then I decided to get my kids to join me.

With lockdown, being stuck at home with your kids can be difficult , board games get old and you can only watch so much TV. With Tik Tok you get to learn dances and the whole family gets to join in, it pushes you to break out of your shell and laugh at yourself which I believe is so important. We spend way to much time taking ourselves way to seriously.

Tik tok is great for the whole family because it brings you together, to laugh  and strive together to achieve something simple and fun, it also creates great memories and teaches you all how to work together and become insync. It’s a great time of bonding.

Dancing and body movement is also really good for your mental well being because body movement releases dopamine and music increases your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a feel good hormone and then you have Oxytocin which is the connection hormone, which is released when we bond with other people, both intimately and socially. Dancing also releases Serotonin which helps you feel content and at ease.

Learning dance moves is both fun and physically beneficial to you. Exercising repetition and rehearsal while dancing improves mental dexterity. Learning body movement and gestures helps children absorb ideas better and improves their ability to absorb and hold information.

Dancing also helps kids  develop emotionally, socially and cognitively.

I know a lot of moms are worried about kids and social media but I believe Tik Tok if done under constant supervision is  safe, light hearted and cute.

Here’s to mental health awareness week, if you feeling down, put some music on and dance! Dance like no ones watching! Happiness is a choice that sometimes needs abit of work♥️

You got this Mama’s


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