Why we just love Lego

Lego helps stretch children’s imagination and inspires them to create, also filling them with self confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

I have two sons, a ten year old and a sixteen month old who just love playing with Lego. My husband enjoys building Lego too and often uses this time to bond with the boys. That’s the thing about Lego, it is for the whole family, and it’s an activity that everyone can enjoy. As a family we can sit for hours just exploring the different possibilities of creating with Lego. Lego encourages everyone to use their imaginations and can easily turn into a time of storytelling. Lego also reduces stress and induces a sense of calm and excitement.

As our kids get older we run out of toys that excites them, their main interest becomes playing games online which involves lots of screen time and too much screen time can never be to good. Lego is one of the only toys that my older son, Zac, still has interest in and enjoys. This being said, it is also one of the most educational toys around, helping kids develop their fine motor skills, cooperative play, technology techniques, math symmetry, and persistence and accomplishment tools. It’s always amazing to watch your children be creative while playing, I am often impressed at Zacs building capabilitie, to say he loves building Lego is an understatement.

Lego is also time consuming and has the kids playing for hours on end which also helps us as parents have some free time and enjoy just for once a nice warm cup of tea! If you a mom or dad, you know the pleasure of having tea that’s not cold or even just enjoying some free time to finish that chapter of that book you’ve been reading.

Lego Duplo is LEGO for younger kids aged one to five years old. The pieces are a lot bigger and easier to hold and assemble, I have watched my little one learn and grow so much while playing Lego; it has helped him reach important developmental fine motor skills milestones. Also the excitement and delight that appears on his face when he succeeds is just so precious.

lego is play time made fun and educational


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