What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag?

It’s almost time for baby to arrive and you are excited but on the day things can get crazy so best to pack way before so you are prepared. I always suggest to moms to pack when they are at the beginning of their third trimester as some babies love making their entrance a bit early.

What to pack for mom?


Bed time slippers


Change of clothing depending on how many days you will be staying at hospital. Best to pack in at least three outfits or more.I always suggest loose fitted clothing and clothes that are easy to breastfeed in. You might be in a lot of pain so best to pack in something comfortable. What’s easy to breastfeed in? Anything with buttons, no dresses and you do get maternity clothing made for breastfeeding moms if interested.

Breastfeeding bras are very important. They are not the most flattering but they the easiest and most comfortable for you and baby. Underwired bras can sometimes harm baby.

Disposable maternity underwear, you bleed a lot after birth so best to not ruin great underwear.

Maternity pads (3 packs at least)

Breastfeeding pads, new moms leak a lot of breast milk so best to be safe and wear pads in your bra as leaking through your clothing can be embarrassing. It’s crazy and super cool but when baby cries or is hungry or close to you that can cause your breast milk to start flowing (they sell three big boxes at Clicks; three for the price of two and they are a lot cheaper than most brands and still good quality)

Phone charger and phone for all the photos and videos you plan to take

Snacks to keep mom and dad’s energy up

Breastfeeding cover

Warm socks

What to pack for baby?


Shampoo, not scented

Bodywash, not scented (I like cetaphil which is really good for baby sensitive skin) My baby breaks out in rashes easily so this product is the safest for him and it works well)

Face cloth, super soft

Xgel (fluoride free gel to clean babies mouth otherwise they can develop thrush)

Change of clothing (three items per day you staying there) vests, socks, growers - the easiest on new borns, something warm to cover their heads)

If you are ever confused about how many layers to put your baby in they always say one more layer than you are wearing and if you ever not sure you can always feel the back of their neck to feel if they are too hot.

Wetwipes unscented

Baby barrier bum cream (I’m a firm believer in baby barrier bum cream as baby’s urine can irritate and even burn the skin causing them to break out in rashes under their nappy. I believe in using cream and covering the whole area under the nappy that the nappy covers. (Woolworths baby bum barrier is my favorite and Sudo cream works well even Vaseline works, as long as you not leaving the area under the nappy bare)

Sleepsack (I always suggest this for night time as it’s a lot safer than baby blankets especially while babies are still so little, it’s just best for at night when they asleep)



Cotton balls

Surgical spirits to clean umbilical cord (most hospitals have this already, it’s always also best to check with your hospital what they do provide it as some of them even provide baby clothing for your stay)

Copy of both parent’s IDs and proof of address plus originals as some hospitals have a home affairs inside them that do birth registrations which is quick and easy compared to home affairs (we struggled to find anyone to make copies for us inside the hospital so best to be prepared)

What to take for dad if he’s staying over?

Change of clothing


Phone charger and phone


And lots of patience

Maybe a nice pillow and warm blanket?

I hope I didn’t forget anything; I know it seems like a lot but rather safe than sorry!

Most importantly don’t forget your baby car seat as most hospitals won’t allow you to leave with baby without one🙏🏼


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