Tommee Tippee

I decided to do a blog post on Tommee Tippee products because I honestly have been using them for such a long time and the quality is just amazing! All their products are bpa free, easy to use and easy to clean! They really have made my life as a mom a lot easier! This is not a paid post, just help coming from a mama who knows you might need it.

Tommee Tippee Bottles

Of course I’m starting with the bottles first. Tomee Tippee are famous for their Award winning bottles. The nipple shaped bottles help your toddler to transition easily from breast to bottle. I do always suggest to breast and bottle feed at the same time, their teets are the most breast like nipples ever made, their bottles are shaped like breasts because thats what babies prefer, closest to nature. I used these bottles with Zac ten years ago and now with Eli. They both loved these bottles and I’ve never experienced any issues with these. You also can buy easy holding handles to go with these. They also last for a really long time. They also have amazing sippy cups and hard plastic teets for when your baby starts teething which means biting everything including the teets which then break, these plastic nipples are strong and do not break easily, they also spill free like the sippy cups which means liquid only comes out with suction.


• Easy latch teat.

• Optimum venting valve with slow flow teat for less air intake and less discomfort for your baby.

• Always BPA free for your ultimate reassurance.

• Bottles available in 5oz/ 150ml, 9oz/ 260ml and 11oz/ 340ml sizes.

• Decorated and colourful bottles available.

Baby Food Steam Blender

My husband bought this when I was pregnant and it honestly has made my life easier. It’s also super easy to use and clean. It was the biggest help when introducing Eli to solids, it’s the biggest time saver when it comes to cooking as it works fast, Tommee Tippee also has perfect tubs to store baby food in and freeze which goes perfectly with this steam blender.


• Steams food to preserve nutrients and flavour in food

• Blends easily to a range of textures for every weaning stage

• No transfer between steaming and blending

• Automatic timer so you can just set, leave, then simply serve or store

• Small number of parts for easy cleaning

• BPA Free for ultimate reassurance

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

How convenient is this. You literally just pop your bottle in with milk and set it to the temperature you want to keep it! Works super fast. Also can be used for baby food.Easy to use.


• Warms baby milk in just 4 minutes*

• Gentle warming helps preserve essential nutrients

• Fits most brands of bottles and food jars

• Warms breast milk, formula and baby food to body temperature without overheating

• Two temperature settings warm from fridge or room temperature, plus keep warm setting

• BPA free

Electric Steam Sterilizer

I never had a bottle sterilizer with Zac and he developed thrush which was uncomfortable for him and made him miserable. I use this sterilizer with Eli who has never developed thrush! It also is so easy to use and cleans amazingly plus easy to clean. It can sterilize up to six bottles in five minutes, fast and fuss free. I also use this to sterilize teething toys.


• Sterilises up to 6 bottles in 5 minutes

• Fits most bottles, soothers and breast pump accessories

• 100% natural steam envelopes every surface and kills 99.9% of harmful germs

• Easy-lift handles keep hands away from steam

• 2-tier stackable tray can also be use as a dry rack

Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump

I was super excited to use the electric breast pump as I heard so many great things about it but I was also nervous as with Zac I used a manual no name pump and the pain was unbearable, I remember biting into a pillow while pumping and crying. This electric breast pump works fast and comes with three different settings for you to ease into it, it is also small so easy to take with you to work if need be.


• Great results at the touch of a button with only 3 parts to clean & assemble

• Massaging motions mimic baby for greater milk yield

• Unique soft silicone cup for extra comfort

• Electric or battery operated for use at home or on the go

• Connects directly to Closer to Nature Bottles

I hope I helped you somehow Mama, sending love, keep going, you got this!


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