The Throat Chakra

Dear hearts, today we are going to talk about the throat chakra, the fifth chakra on our journey through the chakras, which is found at the base of the neck, and serves as the gateway to the soul. It is known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit, which means pureness, and is represented by the colour blue.

​The throat chakra is depicted as a lotus with sixteen petals and contains a circle with a downwards facing triangle. In numerology if you add 1 and 6 together you get 7 and this is a magical number. There are also 16 vowels in Sanskrit. The circle symbolizes completion as well as the feminine. The downward triangle symbolizes the flow of spiritual energy downward.

​The element for this chakra is air; the energy of breath is the essence of all creation.

​The throat chakra is responsible for communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak from the heart with honesty, authenticity and integrity, as well as to practice active listening. It enables you to communicate with your higher power, angels and spirit guides. It is important to use words wisely because every word creates a vibration that ripples through the universe.

​When the throat chakra is blocked we may have difficultyexpressing our thoughts, feel shy or talk without thinking. We may show dishonesty, insensitivity, insecurity, social anxiety and have difficulty making sound decisions. It can also affect your body, such as your ears, mouth and neck, sometimes causingissues in these areas, such as, stiff neck, thyroid problems, sore throat, earache and hearing issues.

​When the throat chakra is balance you speak out openly and express yourself creatively. You listen to your inner voice, tapping into deeper wisdom. You are also a good listener,allowing another person to be heard.

​The healing crystals for the throat chakra are Turquoise to help you express your thoughts, Aquamarine to help you connect with your hidden emotions and Lapis Lazuli to stimulate self-expression, creativity and mental clarity. Wearing a necklace with these crystals is a great way to open and heal your throat chakra. Doing simple neck exercises, like rotating your neck, will help balance this chakra. The yoga pose, called the Lion Pose, is good for opening up the throat chakra. You inhale through your nose, open your eyes and mouth wide, stick out your tongue and roar like a lion’s roar.

​Affirmations for the throat chakra are:

I am open, clear and honest in my communication

I express myself creatively though speech, writing and art

I nourish my spirit through creativity

I live an authentic life

I have integrity

I am balanced in speaking and listening

I am an active listener

Try practicing a different one every day!

​Journalling is good for opening the throat chakra as writing is a creative form of expression. Here are some journaling prompts:

Do I believe in my inner guidance?

Am I open to messages from my higher self?

What do I “see” when I close my eyes in meditation?

Am I listening to my higher wisdom?

What is my intuition telling me right now?

​Spend five minutes thinking about each one and five minutes journaling about it.

​Aromatherapy oils to use for healing this chakra are blue chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and cypress.

​In Buddhism there are 10 qualities of integrity that one needs to practice in order to reach enlightenment. They are called paramis and are generosity, virtue, renunciation, wisdom, courage, patience, truthfulness, resoluteness, loving kindness and equanimity. Each month I am practicing one of these qualities by focusing on it and as it so happens this month I am practicing truthfulness. I love it when serendipity appears in my daily life and marvel at the way my Hindu meditation practice and my Buddhist meditation practice have coincided so perfectlythis month.

​In observing truthfulness, I notice that it is not always easy to speak your truth as your truth may be completely different from someone else’s truth. Speaking out may hurt their feelings so we hold back. On the other hand, we may blurt the truth out without thinking and in the process hurt their feelings. And sometimes we don’t admit the truth even to ourselves so it is important to observe not only your words but also your thoughts and ask yourself, “Is this true?”

​Try it! You will be surprised how often we make assumptions that are not actually based on truth. Listen to the inner voices within you and observe what they are saying to you. Observing and then letting go of these false assumptions brings us a sense of liberation and therefore peace.

​In practicing truthfulness, I became aware of the words right speech. Practicing right speech is one of the eight Buddhist practices on the Eightfold Path to enlightenment. It means abstaining from lying, divisive speech, abusive speech, andgossip. Instead Buddhism teaches us to cultivate sincere, empathetic, loving-kindness speech hence the name, right speech.

​I created the last sacred altar on our journey through the chakras to celebrate all three of the higher chakras. I placed a scarf that resonated with all the colours of the higher chakras which are blue, indigo and purple. I laid it on my altar table to set the tone and placed a candle of each of these colours on it to represent fire; a lotus flower incense holder and to represent air;a crystal chakra wand and chakra stones to represent earth; and a vase of flowers to represent water.

​My husband sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that arrived today and I was delighted to see that it included the most unusual blue rose, called Blue Moon, once again indicating serendipity in my daily life. This sacred altar is simple and yet it feels complete so I lit my candle and incense, called Moon, and set the intention to open and honour my throat chakra.

​Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you take one thing from this post, dear hearts, may that be my gift to you.

​In love and light,

​From my heart to yours,



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