The Snuggleroo baby carrier

The Snuggleroo baby carrier

The snuggleroo baby cotton carrier is one of the best buys I have ever bought as a mom. 

Wearing your baby is healthy for you and your baby,it promotes bonding and trust and also brain development. It is also convenient and reduces stress.

Babies love and need to be close to their moms, they only just lived inside you for nine months, you are their whole world. The snuggleroo makes it easy for you to still be the best mom and keep baby close but still get to do what needs to be done, shopping and simple things that is usually a struggle with a infant has never been easier! 

I also love the snuggleroo as it gives your back the right support, is easy to adjust and can be thrown in the wash!

The carrier also carries up to 12kgs which is usually when baby is ready to walk so this is only a one time buy which is great considering all the things we need to buy as new parents.

These are very accessible as you can get them at your nearest baby city.


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