The Root Chakra

Dear hearts,

I have decided to go on a journey at the start of this new year to cleanse and balance my chakra system and I invite you to join me on this adventure. Let’s start by explaining what the chakra system is.

​According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs the physical and spiritual come together in the chakras, an energy system,meaning wheel. These seven swirling wheels of energy are aligned along the spine and start at the root chakra located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor and the first three vertebrae; leading all the way up the spine to the crown.

​Today I am going to talk to you about the first of our seven chakras, called the root chakra, so let’s get down to the root of things and find out what it is all about.

​Our root chakra is represented by the colour red whichsymbolizes strength, vitality and stimulates our instinctual tendencies. It is related to safety, survival, basic needs (like food, sleep, shelter, and self-preservation), finances, belonging, connection to nature and grounding.

​Examples of affirmations to heal this chakra are “I am safe”, “I am grounded”, “I am abundant” and “my life is full of blessings”.

​An underactive root chakra can make you underweight, fearful, anxious, ungrounded, flighty and have poor boundaries. An overactive root chakra can make you overweight, have addictions, fear change and indulge in excessiveness. When our chakras are balanced we feel safe, secure and have financial ease.

​Diseases that may occur due to an imbalance in the root chakra present below the waist such as, eating disorders, bowel issues or leg issues.

​The symbol for the root chakra is a lotus flower, consisting of four petals with a circle in side it, representing wholeness, and a square within the circle, representing the 4 elements, and lastly an upside down triangle which symbolizes bringing your energy downwards.

​The power animal for the root chakra is the elephant.

​The unconscious is like the chakra system in that you can’t see it. When I went for a walk today I walked past some tall trees that had their roots showing and I noticed that the bark of the tree trunk and the roots of the trees had the same silvery colour. I thought about how much we are like trees in that weonly reveal part of ourselves to the world. We can’t always see the roots of trees but we know they are there supporting the tree. In the same way, we can’t see the chakra system with our eyes but we can feel its energy and therefore know that it is there. This is true of our unconscious mind. Freud said that the mind islike an iceberg with only the tip of the iceberg visible to the eye. The part that is the conscious mind is visible and the part that is invisible is the unconscious mind.

​When I was a young girl growing up I had auburn hair and I was not allowed to wear red as I was told that red did not suit my colouring. To my utter disappointment and disgust I had to wear brown instead! I suppose I was never drawn to the colour red to wear and later to decorate my home because of these earlier beliefs that were passed down to me so I decided to create a sacred altar to try and bring some red into my life. Itshows how our early experiences shape the choices we make later in our lives. Sometimes we don’t question the beliefs of our parents and pass them down to our own children.

​After packing away my Christmas nativity altar I began looking around for red objects to display on my altar table. As we are in lockdown I have to use what is in my house, no nipping out to the shops to buy what I need, and I didn’t know what red objects I would be able to find. But looking through my scarves, of which I was sure I did not have any red ones, Ifound a red and white yoga scarf my bestie had given me. This was a good start! I lovingly laid it out on my altar table to set the tone for creating a new sacred altar to honour the first chakra in the chakra system.

​While packing away our Christmas decorations my husband, Mike, mentioned that he had found an old box of Christmas candles and sure enough there was a red candle, just the right shape and size, to represent the element of fire for my display. There were three long tapering ones as well so I decided to use them to form an upside down triangle symbolizing the flow of energy. I always put something to represent each of the four elements so I used the red candle for fire and placed it on a lotus flower holder for air. I started looking in the garden for red flowers and leaves which I arranged in a glass vase for water and placed it on my table with some white crystals for earth. Voila! I had my four elements!

​I got a statue of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy, for Christmas so I placed her next to my angels and I placed a smallmeditating Buddha in a miniature Zen garden. I tried to connect with nature by being mindful of what I noticed on my daily walks and I picked some silver bark from a tree, a small pine cone, a round pebble and some red berries which I placed on my table.

​My sacred altar had taken shape with objects that I found around the house and in nature. So in spite of not wearing red or using it to decorate my house I still had exactly what I needed in order to create a sacred altar to honour the root chakra in my display. The process of creating this altar has taught me the lesson that I have everything I need right now.

​When I lit the candles on my altar I felt fully connected to my root chakra. I had brought the colour red into my sacred space as well as objects from nature making me feel grounded. I have also taken up hugging trees! Something I wholeheartedly recommend!

​Connecting with nature, gardening, yoga, cooking healthy food and hiking, to name a few, are great ways to open your root chakra. Be aware of the colour of fruit and vegetables and try and include some red ones into your healthy diet. There are also many chakra meditations that you can find online.

​I have really had fun creating this altar. It has connected me with my inner child. Creating a sacred altar for the root chakra is like creating a nature table for the family and is something your children can participate in. How about going on a treasure hunt with your children to find all the meaningful objects you need to place on your altar?

​Have fun!

​In love and light,

​From my heart to yours,



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