The Crown Chakra

​Dear hearts, here we are moving on up to the crown chakra, the last of the seven chakras in our journey through the chakra system. It is located just above the top of the head and is closely associated with the brain and the entire nervous system. While the root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth, the crown chakra is our connection to the universe and the divine source of creation, sometimes referred to as divine love. The crown chakra, related to our connection to the spirit world, is the meeting point between the finite, consisting of the body and ego,and the infinite, consisting of the universe and the soul.

​This chakra is depicted as a lotus flower having a thousand petals of different colours that are arranged in 20 layers, each with 50 petals. It is often referred to as the thousand-petalledlotus. As our connection to everything outside of ourselves it is represented by the symbol of Om, a symbol of all that was, is and will be. This chakra controls enlightenment, self-realization and pure bliss.

​The colour for this chakra is violet or white. Violet has the shortest wavelength and the strongest vibration of all the colours in the spectrum of light. Crystals that hold a violet or purple colour, like amethyst, or clear crystals, are healing for this chakra. Envisioning a violet flame during meditation, known as the violet flame of Saint Germaine, can be used to cleanse negative energy.​

​Creating a sacred space is a great practice to find balance within yourself. I am really enjoying the sacred altar that I created to celebrate all of the seven chakras and am continually lighting all seven candles to balance my chakra system. Sometimes I pick one of my candles from my altar and take itwith me to another room when I am doing a meditation. I may pick my green candle if I want to open my heart, a yellow candle if I want to boost my self esteem and a red one if I need to feel more grounded.

​I recently bought a pot plant containing French Lavender to place on my outside table in front of my water feature where I often sit and meditate or read while listening to the sound of running water. Connecting with the crown chakra brings about the feeling that we are all one. I feel more connected to thischakra when I am in nature and have been enjoying all the violet shades of colour in my sacred Zen garden.

​A person with an unhealthy crown chakra lacks empathy and compassion and may suffer from apathy, insomnia, nightmares and mental fogginess. They may experience feelings of extreme loneliness or depression. On the other hand, a person with an overactive crown chakra may be too spiritual and not grounded at all.

​ Qualities of this chakra are unity, wisdom, awareness, intelligence, miracles and bliss.

​Malfunctions are irritability, confusion, apathy, mental illnesses, learning disabilities and over intellectualism.

​Here are some affirmations for you to balance this chakra:

I am free of limiting beliefs.

I honour the divine within me.

I am connected.

I trust my intuition.

I listen to the wisdom of the universe.

I am at peace.

​Here are some journaling prompts for you to balance this chakra:

Do I feel connected to others?

Am I divine?

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Do I feel guided and protected by spirit?

​Focus on each one for five minutes and then journal about it for five minutes.

​Dear hearts, this chakra is all about self healing, self compassion and self love. Therefore, this is a good time to revisit the goddesses of compassion, love and mercy previously mentioned in past posts, such as Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Isis. I am drawn towards learning more about the Black Madonna, previously mentioned as well. ​Several years ago an old, friend of mine who visited Montserrat, a monastery nearBarcelona, in the south of Spain, brought me back a candle holder from this sacred shrine which I still treasure today. From the moment I heard about the Black Madonna I was intrigued and wanted to know more about her. I have been lighting the candle in my sacred candle holder, bringing me a deep connection to the Black Madonna and my roots growing up in Africa.

​Jeremy, my younger brother and I were separated from our mother when we were young children- I was ten and he was six- when we were taken to live with our father and his wife, our stepmother, in strange and unfamiliar surroundings. My mother was ill and as a result of her illness lost custody of us so we remained with our father for the rest of our childhood. Four years later my father and my step-mother divorced and we were left to fend for ourselves in a large house overlooking the Constantia valley that he called Westbury Lodge. We grew up on our own without a mother’s love.

​During that time South Africa was governed by the Nationalist government, a minority group of Afrikaans white supremacists. They installed the harsh system of institutionalized racial segregation, known as Apartheid, making it the law of the land. Under those inhumane laws all race groups were separated. If any one opposed this system, they were severely punished. It was only when Nelson Mandela came to power, after he was released from prison, over forty years later, that Apartheid was finally dismantled, giving birth to the democracy of the rainbow nation of today.

​When we moved to Westbury Lodge there were two domestic servants, Gladys and Nancy, and two gardeners, that stayed on to work with us as part of the staff. Behind the scenes Gladys was a constant, maternal influence in our young livesand in spite of the laws of Apartheid that governed and separated us back then she was a source of love, compassion and mercy to us. Gladys, our saving grace, became our Black Madonna.

​To honour my beloved Gladys and the pivotal role she played in my life I am embarking on an online pilgrimage of my own to learn more about the mysterious black Madonnas that have been found around the world and are believed to hold healing powers.

​As my journey through the chakras comes to an end it paves the way for new journeys to begin. Life is a journey of self-discovery and as one journey ends so another begins. In healing my mother wound, the hole in my heart that I still bear from the sudden and abrupt separation from my mother at such a young age, I am embarking on this journey of learning about the Black Madonnas.

​ The crown chakra is a sense of knowing that there is a deeper and bigger meaning to life. Join me on my journey into the unknown as I embark on exploring this iconic archetype, the Black Madonna, in order to gain a deeper understanding of her mystery.

​If you take one thing from this post may that be my gift to you.

​In love and light,



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