The Baby Necessities list

You received the great news, you pregnant and now it’s time to prepare, everyone always asks the same question, what is it that I need to get, what are the absolute musts to have before baby arrives?

This is a good question as there are so many things babies need. So I’ve put a list together of items I believe are absolute musts but also added a few items which I believe help make mommying a bit easier. I have put them in categories: baby gear essentials, baby feeding essentials, health products, bath items, safety items and clothing.

I hope this helps! Good luck mamas and dads to be, you’ve got this!

Baby gear essentials

Baby bag


Car seat with isofix

Baby car mirror (this is great for moms when driving around as it can be stressful not being able to see baby while driving and it also helps baby feel secure to be able to see mommy in the mirror)


Baby carrier, babies don’t enjoy being in the stroller to long so always great to have a carrier on hand, helps baby fall asleep and stay asleep and feel secure, babies also get heavy though and that’s why a stroller is needed as well as a baby carrier 


Baby feeding essentials

Breastfeeding Cover from Monalisa Mama’s

Baby feeding high chair (feeding a baby on your lap just gets messy and can be proven to be difficult)


Baby utensils

Bottle brush



Breast pump 

Burp cloth (the rectangle baby burp cloths are really expensive and not big enough to catch all the baby bring up so the best advice I got was to use baby toweling nappies as burp cloths. This is a life saver as these are way more affordable and you need many as baby brings up on you after most feeds while burping, they are also big enough to cover the entire area while these little baby burp cloths I feel are just little fashion accessories like what’s the point really? I remember my husband and I having to change our tops after every burping session thinking what is the point of these tiny burp cloths like really what is your purpose? Were you made for etiquette like for babies who only puke a little bit and just on the right spot because that’s non existent?) Trust me and get toweling nappies instead.

Health products

Baby thermometer 

First aid kit

Baby Panado (high fevers in baby can lead to fits, always have this in your home and with you)

Baby medicine Kit (syringe, nasal aspirator)

Bath items

Baby bathtub (really does a lot for your back to get a baby stand with the bath tub, makes life a lot easier and bath time more enjoyable, a baby bath insert also helps baby to lay comfortably while being washed

Baby soft hooded towels 

Baby soft facecloths

Baby soft hairbrush

Nail clipper

Xgel fluoride free mouth cleansing gel 

Unscented shampoo, bodywash, lotion and wetwipes

Baby barrier bum cream

Baby mouth Finger brush

Surgical spirits and cotton balls for cleaning umbilical cord

Baby sunblock (baby should not be in direct sunlight, but good to always have this with you, you just never know and yes I’m that mom) 

Nursery items

Cot/ co sleeper

Firm flat mattress with firm fitted sheet is all that’s needed, baby bedding and crib bumpers can cause SIDS, all that baby needs in his crib is a firm mattress and fitted sheet with a sleep sack to keep warm. (We spent an insane amount on baby bumpers and baby bedding, only to be told that it is completely dangerous and can easily cause suffocation)

Baby monitor 


Baby nappy changing matt( not a must, we were brought up changing babies on beds)

Baby nappy changing fitted sheet

Comfy Chair in baby room is always nice to feed on whether its a rocking chair or lazy boy or just a normal comfy chair with blanket for mom 

Baby blankets, heavy and light

Baby mobile

Safety items

(only necessary when baby starts to crawl or even roll which is soon so might as well buy now )

Plug covers

Baby safety gate 

Baby bed gaurd rail

Baby safety locks 

Corner guards

Baby clothes

Long sleeve vests (honestly I buy loads of these as I believe baby should always have a vest under every outfit when baby messes through nappy the first thing that gets dirty is the vest so you need so many of these - remember the way to dress baby is to always put him in one more layer than you and if worried just to check the back of his neck if his to hot) 

Three short sleeve vests (not a must but nice to have on hand)

Growers (easiest clothes to put on for baby)

Lots of Socks to keep those tiny feet warm, warm feet warm body!

Six Baby growers thick and light 

Fleece suit for cold days

Baby hats, broad brimmed for summer babies and soft cap that covers ears for winter baby

A set of mittens is nice to have 

Baby washing powder (I always advise to wash all clothes with baby washing powder before putting on baby )


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