Surviving no sleep and night time feeds

Surviving no sleep and night time feeds 

It’s five am and I have not had much sleep. Actually, I have not slept completely through a night without being woken up several times to feed and change nappies in fifteen months. Elijah still nurses to sleep and wakes up like a newborn to feed at night. Elijah is above average height and weight like his dad which I’m proud of but it’s taking a lot out of me. 

I always say to myself that I have given my kids my whole day so the night time is for me, just an hour before bed is my time. My time to just be, not a mom, not a wife, just a little girl and do something I would like to do.

Last night all I wanted to do was have sometime to myself like even just an hour and it didn’t happen. Elijah has skipped day time naps two days in a row now which always makes me hopeful that bedtime will come early or maybe he will sleep through the night. Last night I tried for four hours to put him to sleep which included lots of breastfeeding which drains me. By the time he fell asleep I was tootired to do anything and just rolled over and went to sleep. Tomorrow we will try again.

I hate complaining about missing out on sleep because of Eli because he is so cute and such a pleasure to have and even though he would not sleep I got so many kisses and hugs from him as if to say I’m not going to sleep but I love you. I can stare at him for hours, he is my everything, so innocent and pure. 

I have been up the past few nights feeling bad that I started a blog because it’s something I want to do and that takes time away from Eli and Zac. You see when you dedicate all your time to your kids, anything other than that just feels like you taking away energy or time that you could have given to them like now I should be sleeping but I’m writing this but it feels good to get my thoughts out there.

Blogging also makes you feel vulnerable because you are putting your thoughts and feelings out there into the world to be judged and some people will judge while others will support. It’s a big deal for me as I am not on any social media because I feel like I get to into it and it just ends up being too important for me to post a picture instead of just enjoying the moment. Life becomes simpler and more enjoyable without social media but this virus has gotten to me and here I am mom blogging. 

Tips to help when you not getting enough sleep:

Stock up on food and healthy snacks

I always have a breakfast bar, some dried fruit and nuts, water and a juice box next to me to keep me energized during night feeds. Breastfeeding moms need 500 more calories than non breastfeeding moms. When your baby breastfeeds everything your body needs to work goes to your baby first and you are left with what’s left so it’s always good to keep stocking up at night.


Keep taking your prenatals while breastfeeding to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, remember healthy happy mom equals healthy happy baby.


Sleep while your baby sleeps especially day time naps. I know every mom has so much to do and sometimes the only you time you have is when baby is asleep or not even you time, that’s your time to do dishes or finally finish that scrap book but sleep, not having enough sleep can affect your mental and emotional health which eventually will affect your baby.

Be kind to yourself and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. 


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