Sacred Feminine Energy Altar

Dear hearts,

At this time of the year as we are approaching Christmas we honour the sacred feminine energy of Mother Mary, the mother of all mothers. She represents pure divine feminine energy and caring for all her children.

​I decided to create another sacred altar for this time of year when we decorate our homes for Christmas as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

​The first thing I did was choose a blue scarf, representing the colour of Mother Mary’s blue robes, but as I did not have one that exact colour I settled on using a bright turquoise silk scarf that my mother-in-law had given me. Laying down the scarf on my altar was the first step in welcoming in the motherly energy of Mother Mary. I had set the tone with no idea where this process was going to take me but I started looking around for objects to symbolically represent her.

​My mother used to make nativity sets out of plaster of Parisand lovingly decorate them and while searching for the nativity set in an old trunk I came across a figurine she had made of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I always find that once I invite the energy in to my life the objects automatically show up as had just happened. I sat with the divine feminine energy of Mother Mary for a while before I moved on to unwrapping the pieces from my nativity set that I had just retrieved from the dark, inner depth of an old trunk.

​Feeling satisfied, I then checked in to do my Saturday morning healing meditation with Israel Hurtado, a spiritual healer here in Stockton, that I have been following since the start of the pandemic, and he dedicated our session to the divine feminine energy of Our Lady of Guadalupe, another name for Mother Mary. I find that when I manage to maintain my energy at a high frequency serendipity always comes into my life.

​At around the same time, I was also drawn to acknowledge the divine sacred energy of Quan Yin, known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. I had heard of her but had not worked with her energy before. Afterwards someone in the group told a story about Quan Yin and showed us a statue of her. I felt an immediate connection with her as I was attracted to her grace and beauty so let me tell you what I have found out about her since then.

​Quan Yin, meaning “Born of the Lotus,” is one of the major deities in Buddhism and is known as a great protector and benefactor. Her heart is full of mercy, deep compassion, kindness and unconditional love. The energy Quan Yin expresses is similar to the love and protection that a mother feels for her child and is therefore a much stronger energy than what we associate with compassion. Quan Yin is often compared to the Virgin Mary.

​According to myths Quan Yin attained enlightenment but just as she was about to enter the heaven’s gate she paused at the doorway and hearing the cries of the world she gave up the bliss of heaven with a vow to save all children of God. She is known as the female Bodhisattva because of the vow she took to remain on earth to help humans instead of reaching nirvana after death. She comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost, the senile and the unfortunate. Quan Yin is often depicted as standing barefoot on a lotus flower, dressed in beautiful, white flowing robes, with a white hood draped over her head, and carrying a small upturned vase of holy dew. She is tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, with a face conveying selflessness and compassion.

​Last week I was blessed to have a one on one discussion and do a mindfulness meditation online with a Buddhist nun.The meditation we chose to do together was on self forgiveness and self compassion. It was after this meditation that Quan Yin appeared in my consciousness.

​As I unwrapped each object of the nativity set that my mother had spent hours lovingly making I felt deep compassion for the woman who had given birth to me and her mother before her, my grandmother, who in turn had given birth to her. Did you know that when your grandmother was pregnant with your mother the precursor egg that would give you life was already present in your mother’s womb? This means that all three generations were present in one body simultaneously for a period of time, creating a deep connection between you, your mother and your grandmother.

​And yet sometimes our mothers do not love us the way we need to be loved and this can leave a lasting sadness and disappointment within us. This may be because your grandmother did not show her the love and affection she needed and she has passed this lack of love on to you. You can heal this wound by finding compassion for your mother for the love she lacked as a child and forgiveness for the way she has behaved towards you. The energy of Quan Yin can be called on to heal your mother wound and in so doing you free yourself from passing on the wound to your own children.

​In the same way your mother-in-law may be unable to show you the love you deserve because she in turn did not receive the love she needed from her own mother. Many of us carry the mother wound within us and it is through finding compassion towards those that have hurt us that we can free ourselves from the pain.

​In lovingly laying the turquoise scarf and using it as a foundation for the creation of my sacred altar to honour the birth of Jesus Christ I feel compassion for the wound my mother-in-law may carry inside her. She told me she was separated from her mother as a young girl during the war so it is possible that she is carrying a mother wound. In the same way I feel compassion for my mother for the affection that she was denied from her own mother as a child. She told me that her mother was unable to show affection to her children, saying she was not the demonstrative type, and in turn my mother did the same thing to me, telling me the same thing. Lack of affection has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. Children need affection to thrive and lack of affection is a deep mother wound.

​Ask your mother if she was loved by her mother as a child? If she says that she was denied this love and affection, then you too can show compassion for the way she was treated and self compassion for the way she has in turn treated you. No matter how much your parents may have disappointed you please don’t blame yourself but know that it didn’t start with you as they too were probably disappointed by their parents. Forgiving them is a chance to wipe the slate clean for yourself and future generations so that you are free to love your children wholeheartedly in the way they deserve to be loved.

​Dear hearts, join me in honouring the divine sacred energy of Mother Mary and Quan Yin, mothers of mothers, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day.

In love and light,



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