Sacral Chakra

Dear hearts, now that we are feeling grounded by our root chakra lets hold on to those feelings while moving up to the next of the three lower chakras, the sacral chakra, which is located two inches below your belly button and is represented by the colour orange. The sacral chakra is called Svadhihthana in Hindu and means sweet. It starts to develop between the age of 8 and 14 when we are beginning to form a sense of self. The sacral chakra is related to pleasure consciousness and is the center of creativity and sensuality.

​This chakra has a feminine energy, symbolized by a flower symbol and a crescent moon and is therefore related to the Divine Feminine within you. The Virgin Mary and Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, also known as Auset, are examples of the Divine Feminine principle.

​The symbol for the sacral chakra has six lotus petals to represent a loving nature and 6 is the motherhood number in numerology. The lotus flower image is symbolic of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The circle represents the feminine as well as wholeness and the crescentmoon below the circle is related to water, which indicates movement, fluidity, flexibility and signals the eternal flow of life. The ebb and flow of water is controlled by the moon.

​The sacral chakra is related to the flow of our emotions and is thus the center of emotions.

​The metal associated with the sacral chakra is tin and the power animals are water-dwelling animals like fish, all sea creatures or the crocodile.

​The themes associated with the sacral chakra are sexuality, creativity and sensuality. Creating life in the womb is the ultimate form of creativity.

​Problems arise when your sacral chakra is out of balance and you may experience issues with the reproductive system such as menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, a significant increase or decrease in sexual interest, and lower back, kidney or stomach issues. Addiction to anything that brings you pleasure is a sign that your chakra is out of balance. When it is out of balance it leads to feelings of fear, overwhelm, depression, emotional instability, loss of creativity and addictions.


​An over active sacral chakra results in being overly sexually active and an under active sacral chakra results in being under sexually active so one needs to strive for balance in both our sexuality and our creativity.

​When the sacral chakra becomes blocked there is an inability to feel joy and pleasure. Whereas if your sacral chakra is balanced you will feel happy, open and express healthy sexuality and creativity.

​Affirmations are, “I embrace my vibrant sexuality; I welcome sensuality into my life; I accept, embrace and celebrate my body; I open myself up for creativity to flow through me.”

​The root chakra represents our physical body, the sacral chakra represents our emotional body and our solar plexus represents ourmental body. The heart is the bridge that connects the lower chakras to the higher ones.

​Carnelian crystal, Red Tiger’s Eye, Jaspur and Amber are the crystals associated with the sacral chakra.

​Scents like sandalwood, ylang ylang and orange help to clear the sacral chakra of blocked energy.

​Nourish your sacral chakra by eating bright orange foods such as oranges, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds.

​Try and bring the element of water into your life. We live on an estate with many lakes and water fountains so last night I walked around the lake looking up at the crescent shaped new moon. It was a peaceful scene with 6 ducks bobbing up and down in the golden moonlight.

​A friend recently sent me a gift in the mail consisting of several scarves and among them was a bright orange silk scarf which I chose to set the tone for my sacred altar to honour the sacral chakra. My intuition was guiding me to keep this sacred altar simple. I suppose I am trying to simplify my life as I am feeling overwhelmed by the chaos in the world as a result of the global pandemic and the political unrest in America.

​I have chosen Isis, my favourite goddess, to represent the divine feminine. From young maiden and sexual being to nurturing mother and wise woman, the image of the goddess figure embodies the sacral chakra’s attributes of creativity, pleasure and relationships. Auset was human as well as a goddess, and was a skilled midwife and healer. Imagine her wings wrapped around you, bringing magic and alchemy into your life.

​For minerals to represent the element of earth I placed a carnelian stone with the symbol of the sacral chakra engraved on it, and some rose quartz crystals. For water I placed two pink roses in a vase of water and for fire I placed an orange candle; a sweet smelling jasmine scented candle in a tin container; and a tea light in my gilded angel, another divine feminine symbol. The rose quartz crystals represent femininity and also peace which is so much needed as our new president comes to power this week in a very divided America. I placed a small bowl to represent the circle of femininity and wholeness and also to contain the element of air.

​My altar feels complete in its simplicity so I lit the candles and set the intention to balance the energy from the sacral chakra in my life. Balancing your chakras can lead to abundance, fulfilment and creativity in your life.

​A person with a balanced sacral chakra radiates warmth, confidence and generosity.

​May you experience an abundance of blessings in your life as you journey through the chakras with me.

​In love and light,

​From my heart to yours,



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