Put some liquid gold on it!

I’m sure you heard the term liquid gold right and you thought what exactly are these moms on about, well now you are about to find out as I am here to inform you about all the wonderful uses of breast milk besides its super nutritional value. Yes you heard right, breast milk is not just there to fill your babies tummy or to boost his immune system, breast milk also has so many healing properties.

Breast milk helps with Eczema

I did some research on this and what I found was that breast milk was found to be an equally effective treatment for mild to moderate dermatitis compared with hydrocortisone in a 2015 study published in the International Journal of Dermatology. The researchers estimated that half of all infants are affected by atopic eczema which causes itchy, red, swollen and cracked skin. How amazing is that, your breast milk has been tested to be just as good of a treatment to your babies skin as some ointment you have to buy from the pharmacy. My son Elijah has really sensitive skin, after most meals he develops a rash around his mouth, it gets red, inflamed and pimples appear, this happens in minutes if not seconds( I actually added a before and after picture of this on my Instagram). All I do is dab some breast milk on it and after a hour or two hours it disappears completely. I have found a before remedy too though for moms who are struggling with this, before meals I put Vaseline around babies mouth and this creates a barrier between the skin and the food which helps especially when baby begins to self feed and the food goes everywhere so this does stop the problem, however if you do run out of Vaseline or you out and not at home then breast milk will solve the problem.

Breast milk helps with eye irritation.

It is common for babies to get blocked tear ducts which can also lead to infections and thick goo stuck on baby’s eye. You can use a eye dropper or just squirt breast milk directly into babies eye several times a day and this will help soothe the eye and clear the infection. How amazing is it that our bodies have created a substance that can help heal our babies, it’s so beautiful, it really amazes me!

Breast milk helps sore nipples.

Breastfeeding is painful in the beginning and can lead to sore, cracked and bleeding nipples. A lot of moms and doctors will advise you to buy all the right nipple creams but what they don’t tell you is that applying all these creams throughout the day can cause thrush and thrush in your breast is painful. I gave birth and my nipples were cracked and sore and breastfeeding was painful, I did laser nipple treatment which was pricey and I bought all the best nipple creams which I applied throughout the day, and guess what, I developed thrush. The best thing and only thing to do is cover your nipples in breast milk and leave it to dry. I did this and soon after I was in breastfeeding heaven! Remember breastfeeding will hurt in the beginning regardless but it does get better as you will see if you read my breastfeeding post, “breastfeeding, not for the faint hearted”.

Breastfeeding helps when introducing solids.

When baby begins to eat solids, it can all feel overwhelming and strange and can cause baby to reject solid food which can become a difficult process for you and your little one to conquer. I always say when introducing solids, mix some breast milk into it, it helps with familiarizing your baby to the taste he knows while also introducing to him a taste he doesn’t know. I was told that babies need to eat with all their senses, so smelling moms breast milk in the new food will definitely help ease the process.

Breast milk helps with teething.

Have you ever heard of breast milk lollies?! Yes a lot of moms advise you to give your baby ice cubes to suck on but why not give him breast milk ice cubes to suck on, just pour your breast milk into the ice tray and let them freeze and there you go, hello mom ice cubes! At most baby stores they sell fresh food baby feeders which basically is just a handle with a net attached and in the net you can put fruit for your baby to suck on or in this case breast milk cubes, this is super affordable and really great as it helps protect baby against choking.

Breast milk helps with diaper rash.

I always say baby bum barrier cream is a must, I apply thick under the whole area the nappy covers with every nappy change and this avoids diaper rashes, but If your baby does get a diaper rash, the best is to just put breast milk on it and let it dry and then after apply your baby bum barrier cream.

Breast milk helps with insect bites.

Breast milk has antibacterial properties which helps soothe insect bites, you can also use your breast milk ice cubes for this which can also add a cooling effect!

Breast milk helps with cradle cap.

Elijah had really bad cradle cap when he was born , cradle cap is a eczema on babies scalp that leaves the scalp area flaky and sometimes red and inflamed if bad. I like to add coconut oil to babies scalp, leave it to soak and then brush gently and afterwards wash out. When they hair is done being washed I like to add breast milk to the area just to soothe the scalp and help the healing process.

Breast milk helps baby acne.

A lot of babies are born with baby acne which usually are just harmless little pimples on the skin. Dabbing breast milk on these pimples helps them go away fast. I remember when Eli was born he had all these pimples on his cheek and all I did was apply breast milk and even when a random one popped up when he was a few months old, I would just apply breast milk and the pimple would be gone by the next day! Breast milk is magical!

I have read about lots of moms using breast milk to make cheese or lotion and I don’t judge but remember your breast milk can also be donated to a child in need at orphanages or towards a baby whose mom simply cannot breastfeed. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact your closest breastfeeding clinic as they often are in touch with moms and clinics in need. Let’s not make milk and cheese with our liquid gold, let’s donate and be kind.

I believe in moms supporting moms and I believe in loving all babies, they are all pure beings.

Breast milk saves lives.


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