Perfectly Polished by Zoe

Perfectly Polished by Zoe Hi mamas, I hope you are all well! If you know me, you know that I love getting my nails done, I have been getting my nails done for years now and I just got mine done today and I feel amazing like superwoman, doesn’t getting your nails done just make you feel so good!! The perfect pick me up! You know I’m super picky when it comes to my nails and guess what I finally found the perfect nail tech! Meet Zoe Zoe is a young bubbly perfectionist who makes sure that she gives you exactly what you want; you will not leave her salon with something you don’t like ever! She works effortlessly with the utmost care, her nail work looks like art work! If you know me you know I love extravagant nails, the more art the better, Zoe is always up to speed with the latest nails trends, and she does everything from tips to nail art. I do have my days where I just want simple nails and she does that happily too. I love Zoe because I trust her with my nails, she works fast and she doesn’t hurt me. I have been getting my nails done for so long and usually to get a work of art, it takes hours and they hurt you, you leave with broken bleeding cuticles that hurt for long after. I also have the tiniest nails to work with and I’m a biter so most nail techs won’t go near my nails but Zoe is always happy to do them and she does them perfectly, I always leave feeling happy. As a stay at home mom whose always changing nappies or covered in throw up, it feels amazing to have my nails done at least once a month. It makes me feel just a little bit glamorous and young again, it seems like something so small but it makes the world of difference to me. Zoe’s prices are affordable, being a housewife my husband would get a heart attack when he would see my nail bills but with Zoe her prices are reasonable! She also works in a cosy space built onto her home in Plattekloof, meaning she is the best place to go during covid. She only sees one client at a time and when you enter she checks your temperature, wears her mask and there is a screen between you and her. She also holds the best conversations and as woman you know how much we love to talk during our nail time so that’s always a bonus. Mama’s it’s important to do something for yourself at least once a month, get your nails done! And make sure you get it done by someone who knows what they doing.

Self care Mama! Perfectly Polished by Zoe Instagram @perfectly_polishedbyZoe WhatsApp 081 509 1250 My nails in the picture below cost R350 (Prices may change with time)



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