Panorama breastfeeding clinic

The Panorama breastfeeding clinic is a private well baby and immunization clinic run by midwives who are friendly, supportive angels sent from above and this is honestly how I feel. I have never experienced another place like this. Everyone at this clinic is super helpful and just so encouraging and welcoming. The clinic is filled with moms happy to help other moms. 

I discovered this clinic as I attended their antenatal classes with my husband which I would suggest to any couple expecting as the classes taught us so much about pregnancy, birth and child care. It also helps the dad expecting feel more included as sometimes most of the focus is on the mom.

Amanda Lindique is the clinic manager and she is excellent at what she does, her advice is always spot on. 

They also have mom and baby milestone classes which is super fun for the babies, they love interacting with each other and learning new skills.

The mom support group is also a great place to just go and be honest about motherhood without being judged. 

The breastfeeding clinic is a safe place for moms to go and just be and get all the support they need, every mom needs to be encouraged, heard and educated and this is what this clinic is there for.

They also always having photography going on for different occasions like Father’s Day and christmas,it’s really a great community of moms to be apart of.

They offer 

Childbirth education antenatal classes 

Family and Friends CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid Course

Infant massage 

Mommy and newborn milestone support group



Vision screening


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