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Monalisa mamas breastfeeding cover

I am a big fan of the Monalisa mamas breastfeeding covers. This is the one item that I will not leave my house without as a breastfeeding mom and if I ever do forget it, I will turn back to get it. Breastfeeding with this cover is life made easy.

I remember being pregnant and my friend telling me all about this cover and I remember thinking , why not just use a blanket and then I gave birth and had to breastfeed, as many of you know getting the perfect latch when you new to breastfeeding is a absolute must otherwise breastfeeding can be painful and lead to bleeding scabby painful nipples. To get the perfect latch you have to be able to maneuver your babies mouth to fit over your entire nipple, to do this with a blanket thrown over your shoulder covering his face is a mission especially if you out in public and you trying to cover up because let’s be honest who wants to sit in the toilet and feed their baby at a restaurant, no one. Also newborns can feed for up to two hours at a time.

This is where the breastfeeding cover comes in to help, it is designed so that you can see your baby while breastfeeding and your baby can see you for comfort knowing mommy is there while also completely keeping you covered. It just slips around your neck and your hands are free to get that perfect latch and hold a conversation while just looking down to make sure your  baby is safe.

This cover is everything, it is also my go to baby shower gift! 

The only negative thing I have to say about this brand is that I wish they had more designs to choose from.


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