Melissa & Doug Toys

Melissa and Doug toys

Eli loves playing with toys from Melissa and Doug. Most of their toys are wooden and of high quality. They are worth the buy because they are long lasting and can be passed down from your oldest child to your youngest and maybe even to their children. Melissa & Doug is an educational toy brand designed specifically to encourage children's learning through play. Eli has a few of their toys and he loves them, it keeps him busy for hours on end!

The Pound A Peg is a wooden hammer and eight pegs that you get to pound, it’s designed that as soon as you pound one down, another shoots up, this is a really smart design that keeps the kids busy endlessly trying to get all the pegs down. This is a great developmental toy, it is good for colour recognition and hand/eye coordination.

Melissa & Doug First Play Chomp and Clack Alligator

This toy is what we bought for Eli when he started to stand. Itgot him walking confidently a lot faster. We love this toy, Eli still runs around the house racing with this toy, or sitting and playing with the wheels, for me this is a ten out of ten, I recommend this to all.

We looked really long and hard for a push toy, we looked all over Cape Town, and even in California when we traveled there, but the designs were just not smart or safe enough, a lot of push toys are wobbly and not sturdy enough to hold baby up. I saw this being recommended on my pregnancy app and I just knew it was the one. This is also one of the companies top picks to buy. It’s also easy to assemble, has an easy grip handle and non-skid wheels and the wooden buggy beads to grasp and spin.

This is a developmental toy that helps with motor skills, coordination and colour recognition.


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