How do you blog and have kids?!

So for the longest time my friends have been asking me to start a mom blog which honestly terrified me as I suck at computers and I just don’t know how you find time. Corona hit so here I am making a blog, something to help me just get out of my space a little bit as due to the virus and me having kids and trying to keep everyone extra safe I haven’t left my house in ages. We don’t go for walks, runs or to the mall, we order everything online and wipe them down and re package. So what I needed was someway to just be creative and get my thoughts out there. I miss my friends visiting mostly; I miss feminine energy. We are not having visitors, and are we not visiting anyone so I guess this is my way of communicating with the world, so mom blog it is. 

I did a little research and looked at some mom blogs which terrified me even more. You see these moms with perfect hair and make up and in heels carrying baby with the most up to date top technology blogs and here I’m sitting, it’s almost lunch time, I have not showered, wearing my pink fluffy bath robe, unwashed hair with bits of babies breakfast in it, just hoping for a second to myself which is when baby is sleeping in my arm and I get to watch some tv or sleep too. I also haven’t been to school in ages so having to worry about punctuation on my blog, like capital letters and full stops, so no one laughs at me and thinks I’m stupid just adds to the terror. I don’t know how moms do it. 

The famous question women ask me are, “Oh! You are a stay at home mom so what do you do all day? Are you not bored?” Am I not bored? I wish I was bored. I have this little red haired baby who cannot think and do anything for himself, that’s what being a mommy is about. You literally taking care of another human being who needs you for everything; to eat, to sleep, to breathe, to even smile and be their emotional support so you have to be a clown too, you literally have to be a teacher, psychologist,nurse and clown and so much more! My son is super cute but so busy, he has just learnt to walk so he is an accident waiting to happen, you can’t blink without him opening a drawer or running towards the stairs or trying to taste a bug. It’s a mad house. 

Then I have my older son who until Elijah came was my baby so he is also adjusting so I basically still have a ten-year-old baby who is learning that he can do things without me having to ask him to brush his teeth, take a bath and actually bath in it and clean himself and then to remember his older now so body lotion and roll on are good and also to brush his hair. I swear I ask my kid these things every day and I’m still waiting for him to surprise me with the answer yes mom I remembered but no that hasn’t happened yet. I’m just met with a smile and a sorry mom I forgot. Who forgets to brush their teeth or is that just a boy thing? My son is also homeschooling as he attends Curro which is a great school and they are sticking to the school curriculum doing online classes whole day which means for my child to be in class he has to be connected to the internet. Zac has never been home schooled before so this is all new to him and to us. My husband Adrian and I try to explain to him that it’s just a normal school day so what he cannot do at school in school hours he cannot do at home in school hours which he doesn’t seem to understand why he cannot watch YouTube videos between classes or during class in his work hour and do his work later. This leads to him being grounded which leads to him being bored telling me lots of jokes that I have to laugh at so I don’t hurt his feelings or him explaining to me about dragons and fortnite and mine craft. I’m not a bad parent and I honestly have tried to understand these games and play with him but I have never been a gamer and honestly have you ever tried to play Minecraft? I don’t even know where my head is in the game, I honestly don’t even know where my head is like how do I know that what I’m looking at is what my character is looking at if I can’t even see his head, this game is so confusing and just so boring. I don’t get it, I feel like playing this game is my punishment but as a mom you sit there smiling and you play it trying to look interested even though you dying inside not even knowing where your head is. My husband is actually good at these games so when he is home as he works away it’s great because he plays with our son and our son is just so impressed and happy that it’s not me who never understands what’s going on. The bad thing about lockdown is that when my husband is away, I usually invite one of my son’s friends to sleep over and that way they keep each other company which makes the day a lot easier having a baby and all but with lockdown you can’t do that. I always say have kids close together and that way your kids have a playmate. I also really do have loads of respect for moms with two kids so far apart, I don’t know how you do it as with me not being able to blink around Eli I struggle managing my time between the two, with Zac jumping and telling me jokes and Eli trying to eat everything, I just hope that they each getting enough of my time. So yes that’s to answer what do you do all day! But yes blogging with all this going on is difficult especially when you so bad at technology, I mean it takes me hours to try and figure out how to make the one word pink and when I finally get it right Eli decides to touch the iPad with his foot and derail the whole thing and then Zac comes with another joke so honestly lots of respects to all the moms who do it.

Since I didn’t want to be to negative I have decided to share what’s been useful to me during lockdown and how I find time to write a blog.

Firstly, with my son Zacariah being ten years old who is actually really good academically I buy him loads of books, for birthday presents and we tell everyone to give him books! Zac loves to read and he spends hours just fully immersed into his books which works for me as it’s also educational and gives me some time to breathe. Also as Zac is getting older we have given him chores to do around the house and for each chore he earns pocket money which goes straight into his bank account for him to save. The chores we give him to do consist of washing the dogs, poop scooping and on Sundays dishes which he dreads, he doesn’t like dishes! I don’t either but Adrian and I as we have a live in domestic think it’s important to teach Zacariah how to be responsible and to be able to do things for himself as sometimes when you have someone around doing all the cleaning whether it’s mom or a domestic your kids can become pretty lazy and entitled which leads to them being just downright ungrateful! We try and teach Zac to not drink out of twenty different glasses as someone has to clean them. Zac does have access to his pocket money for instance he had his first valentine and he asked to buy her some chocolates so I took him to the store and he paid for it by himself with his own card, he was really pleased with himself!

Elijah, my little energetic bundle, finding time to myself with Elijah around is nearly impossible as he needs me for everything and I honestly can’t take my eyes off him as he is just always ready to do something dangerous, even with baby proofing you still have to be on alert, Elijah is really smart and figures out everything! He watches you quietly and next thing he opens the baby gate, his good at finding loopholes in all our safety features. We live in a big house and Eli likes to run everywhere and just create a mess which means I’m running after him non stop trying to protect him but also picking up everything at the same time as I don’t expect my domestic to pick up after Eli twenty times a day or even at all. So what I try and do is pick one room and baby proof the hell out of it, fill it with toys, make it comfortable and cozy and in that way he can’t go far or anywhere that’s out of my reach and I know it’s safe. So I get to sit down and relax while watching him run everywhere and entertain himself with all his toys. I also try and put some toys away and then bring them back to him as children get tired of their toys fast so it’s good to keep interchanging them as this keeps him interested.

To all the moms still sitting in their bathrobes unwashed at lunch , I hope this helps.


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