Creating a nursery for your little one

You pregnant and baby’s arrival waits, now the time has come to prepare! We all love going into baby stores melting in adoration at all the cute nursery items wanting to buy everything but what exactly do we need and what items should we financially invest in and also like where exactly do we begin?! Help please.

I have decided to do a simple fI’ve step guide in setting up baby’s nursery. Creating a nursery for baby is exciting and fun but involves commitment and lots of hard work.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step one. Choosing a colour scheme.

The best way to start is by choosing a colour theme to go by; most parents go with a more neutral colour scheme, there are so many options so it can be overwhelming, I always advise to look on Pinterest to get a feel of what you might like and then go from there. Adrian and I decided to go with a grey and mint green as we didn’t want to go with the common baby boy blue and I just love pastel mint green, I think it is so beautiful and there are so many amazing décor pieces that can be bought in this colour, also check your stores to get a feel of what colours they do offer in décor you might like.

Step two. Painting babies room.

Adrian and I started out by going to Builders Warehouse and looking at different colour palettes. We decided on builderswarehouse because they are the closest to us and they have everything but you can always just go to your nearest hardware store, I know that with lockdown going out shopping is just not as fun anymore. We painted our babies room months before babies arrival so we used a normal paint but if you are running out of time and baby will be moving into the room soon after you have painted it then it’s best when choosing a paint , that you choose one that is safe and nontoxic. The first thing you should be looking at, is that its water based and that it does not contain VOC’S (volatile organic compounds). At Builders Warehouse they have a non toxic paint that’s kind enough for babies. Evolve is a eco friendly paint that has zero VOCs which means no paint odour. When you have chosen your colour, the next step is to get all your painting accessories, when painting babies room, you will need masking tape, a paint roller and a ground sheet. I would advise to watch a basic painting YouTube video first as painting is a lot more complicated than it seems, this I learned the hard way.

Step three. Wall art.

This is not a must but it’s always nice to add art to your walls, it just gives the room a nice warm feel to it and sets the pace for the theme you going with. Adrian and I decided to go with wall art vinyl’s, Adrian ordered these online. Doing vinyl’s is a two person job so I would suggest waiting for your other half to get home and join in on the fun, setting up vinyls takes hours and lots of precision but is so worth it, it usually comes with instructions which helps. Vinyls is a good choice as you literally have so many options to choose from, Adrian and I did this together. These vinyls were totally awesome as they ended up looking amazing and now that Eli is older he loves pointing to all the different animals on the wall and learning their names.

Step four. Visualize.

Before you head to the shops excitingly, take a deep breath, step into the room and visualize where you want everything to go and then measure. A lot of time moms head to the shop and end up coming home with things that they just don’t have space for. A good tip while visualizing is to try and have lots of floor space in the room for baby, floor space is important as it also helps you get around easier as you change nappies or feed and it might be in the middle of the night but most importantly floor space is healthy for baby to play, it also works best with tummy time, nothing like laying your baby on the floor surrounded by toys to encourage muscle development, this is how they prepare to lift their head, start crawling, standing and eventually walking, it’s always also nice to have enough space for play time with mommy. I got puzzle play mats to cover the floors as well as having acarpet, this just makes the world of difference to babies comfort and safety Incase of a fall.

Step five. Shopping yaaay!

As woman, is this not just our favourite part, I love shopping, its definitely my favourite part! Next it’s time to get babies cot, I would look for a cot before I look for anything else, as this is probably the biggest item and will be taking up most of the space. When buying a cot, what you buy is completely up to you, I do suggest to look around and not just buy the first one you see and also maybe speak to moms you know, find out what they love and hate about their cot. We got the most exquisite baby cot from Baby belle, it’s called the luxury Victoria cot, this cot is hand crafted with a subtle swan neck pediment and intricate carving details on the corners of the head and foot ends, it also has the famous Baby belle deep buttoned head and foot boards. We chose to really invest financially when buying our cot as we plan to have a lot of children and we didn’t want to keep having to buy. This cot is of the highest quality and we are very happy with our purchase, we believe that this will last us a lifetime. Next I would look for a compactor, we got a baby compactor that also worked as a baby changing table and we got ours from Kids Emporium. We got our compactor and Adrian and Zacset it up themselves. Ladies, when the company you buying from offers to have guys assemble it for you regardless of what your proud husband says , please accept, Adrian who works in construction decided he would assemble the compactor by himself and when it arrived it came in pieces like you have never seen before, a million bags filled with a million different parts, it was not the do it yourself compactor, he finished it with Zac which I’m proud of but oh my, I have no idea how normal people would attempt this and he was definitely overwhelmed at first. Next it’s time to get the nappybin and bath and all the other small essentials, if you are not sure what is needed you can check out my baby necessities list which also gives lots of tips when buying baths etc. It’s always good to also have a white noise machine and humidifier in baby’s room to help them sleep, another smart item to think about adding is a comfy chair for you to feed baby in whether it’s a rocking chair or lazy boy, we actually got Adrian’sgrandmothers old lazy boy and refurbished it. This helped so much in the beginning when I was having to breastfeed every two hours. It made my life a lot easier and more comfortable.

A good place to find little unique décor pieces is in Kalk Bay, it’s also just a great place to walk and spend time with your loved one before little one arrives. Adrian, Zac and I took a walk through Kalk Bay main road and found all these little cute decor stores, we found this one store called bloc art,which has all these unique bold wooden painted pieces.

The best advice I can give you is to try and have fun with it and not stress too much, your baby is going to be happy with any room you provide! Also remember that children’s rooms are ever changing as they get older and their needs change, soon you will be needing to adapt it to a toddlers room, so get ready!

Don’t forget to baby proof the room; cover all the plugs and sharp corners. If you unsure of what to get you can check my post on baby necessities as I have a safety category in the post.

Extra tip

Baby bedding and bumpers are cute but remember they are a SIDS risk so best to just get a fitted

sheet and sleep sack. Cots need to be completely empty. As you can see in my pictures, I got all of

these things only to be told to take it off the cot as it can be harmful to baby.

I hope this helped even if it’s just a little bit; we all need all the help we can get!

Good luck mamas, you got this!

Check out the following link to view the Baby belle cot and lots of other cute nursery items.


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