Creating a Goddess Altar

Dear hearts,

Today I want to share with you the creation of a Devine Feminine or Goddess altar. When you honour a Goddess you allow her energy and her associated qualities to expand into your life. You are not worshipping a Goddess but rather you are expanding into that Goddess energy that already dwells within you. You are simply allowing your inner Goddess strengths to come into the forefront of your life. Goddess qualities will begin to bloom within you. Your creativity, magic, mystery, passion, serenity, self-esteem, dreams, and visions will expand, everything will become easier and opportunities will begin to come into your life.

Original Goddess figurines date back thousands of years and were sculpted in bone, stone, clay and coal. They had large fully shaped breasts, bellies and buttocks which symbolizes fertility. The first Devine Feminine altars are thought to have symbolized Mother Nature’s renewable womb. Words like home, vessel, temple and altar were used interchangeably to describe the womb. Goddess shrines and altars were found everywhere - by the threshold, near the hearth, in a sacred grove of trees and by the well. That’s how popular they were. The Goddess stands for wisdom, compassion and the life-force in all things, and women were the first caretakers of these shrines. The home altar was a place where women could celebrate the principles of the Devine Feminine for the benefit of herself and her family. You too can create a Devine Feminine Altar in your home and bring the Goddess qualities that already exist within you by acknowledging them and allowing them to expand out and into your daily life. So let’s begin.

Choose a scarf like we did before to set the tone of your altar. What’s your favourite colour? I chose a pink scarf because pink reminds me of rose quartz, which represents peace, as well as having a feminine quality about it. I had in mind lavender and violet tones to represent the higher chakras so I included these colours in the stones I have chosen to place on my altar.

Remember to always include the four elements in your creation which are fire, air, water and earth. My chosen crystals of different colours represent the element of earth. I placed a pink rose in a glass vase to represent the element of water and I put three candles on the table to represent the element of fire. Place a bowl, basket, cauldron or chalice on your altar to represent the receptive energy of the feminine and also represents the element of air. I chose three candle holders to represent air, including a large bowl shaped lotus flower.

Choose a Goddess figurine that resonates with you as your center piece. Mother Mary is an old time favourite of mine and a good one to start with until you find your own special Goddess or Goddesses. And if you do not have a Goddess statue you can use a photograph of Mother Mary or any of your favourite Goddess. You can also choose angels as I have done. I chose a Goddess called Auset or Isis, with her elaborate head dress and magical wings, as my center piece. She is also known as the Lady of Spells, Healing and Alchemy. I placed several other Goddesses and angels on my sacred table as my intention is to celebrate the Devine Feminine within us. My Goddesses all hold sentimental meaning for me as they were given to me by my children. I like to include the plant and animal kingdom as well so I also placed a statue of a dove to symbolise peace and a small purple plate with one of my power animals, a bear, alsothe symbol of the state of California where I live. Once you have decided on your theme the objects will just come to you from around your home and you may need to play with them by continually placing and removing them on your altar table until your altar feels complete. Just follow your instincts and let your spirit guide you to choose and place meaningful objects on your table that will be healing for you.

Once I had created my Devine Feminine Altar I walked past it with a warm feeling of accomplishment and noticed that the sun was shining golden light on one of the angels on my table. I realised that one of the crystals in front of the angels was projecting the light from a window onto the angel that Tracy and Adrian gave me from my home town, Cape Town. Tracy has one exactly the same as mine on her altar table back home. Although we are far away from each other, separated by thousands of miles, I know that we are forever connected by a glimmeringthread of light.

I am really enjoying the completion of my Devine Feminine altar and the sacred meaning and connection it has brought into my life. The wonderful thing about creating an altar is that it doesn’t have to cost anything because you can use everything you already have around your home. When you use your Devine Feminine Altar the creative forces of the universe allow you to soar into the vast inner spaces of your being.

Dear hearts, join me in creating your own sacred altar to celebrate the Devine Feminine that is within all of us women.

In love and light,



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