Count your blessings

Dear hearts

We are living through the devastating global pandemic of Covid 19 right now. It has rocked our world. Everything changed into chaos overnight, reminding us that the only certainty in life is change. There is nothing more stressful than the uncertainty and change that we are all subjected to right now. Many of us have lost our income and our loved ones. There are travel bans and the elderly are being isolated in nursing homes to keep them safe. Moms and Dads are homeschooling their kids while working from home. We don’t know how the virus will affect us; some people are symptom free, some people need hospitalization and some people die. Every day is stressful no matter who you are, what you are doing or where you live. Every single human being on this planet is affected by the pandemic and theirbehavior in turn has a ripple affect on others. We are all in this mess together! We need to find ways to cope with these high levels of stress as a result of fear.

​If you are feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and fears and need to find a way out of this downward spiral I can help you. It is very simple, quick and easy and it costs nothing. You can do it on your own anywhere and anytime. Here’s a little tip I learned from having to overcome numerous obstacles on my four-year journey as a cancer survivor.

​The best way to stop negative thoughts and feelings in their tracks is to think of something you are grateful for. Start counting your blessings today. As soon as you do this you will change the physiology of your body instantly. As soon as I count my blessings I feel my breathing change; I can breathe more easily. I notice my heart rate slowing down and my muscles relaxing. Within seconds I experience a mood change from negative to positive. Try it, it works every time!

​No matter how stressed I am feeling I know this works for me. It is impossible to hold on to negative thoughts and feel gratitude at the same time. I promise you – counting your blessings is the gateway to joy and happiness. It opens your heart.

​Studies show that being grateful every day improves well being. In a study by Dr. Martin Seligman in which subjects were asked to write and personally deliver a letter of gratitude to someone in their life who had not been properly thanked for his or her kindness, participants immediately showed a huge increase in happiness scores. They found that writing a letter shifts our attention so that our focus is on positive emotions not negative ones.

​According to recent studies the benefits of gratitude are:

Increased happiness and positive mood

More satisfaction with life

Less materialistic

Less likely to experience burnout

Better physical health

Better sleep

Less fatigue

Lower level of cellular inflammation

Greater resiliency

Encourages the development of patience, humility and wisdom

​Studies determine that gratitude:

Disconnects us from toxic, negative emotions and the rumination that accompanies them.

​How about starting a gratitude journal? Every night before you go to bed write down three things that you are grateful for. You will be amazed by the results. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or down in the dumps, you can read through your gratitude journal and I know it will uplift you because counting your blessings always brings positive outcomes immediately.  

​The word gratitude means grace, graciousness or gratefulness. Gratitude is thankful appreciation for what you receive whether tangible or intangible. Saying grace at mealtimes is a good opportunity to teach your children to express gratitudeno matter what your faith. So often children take things for granted - even their moms! - and this is a wonderful way to start a routine of gratitude. Gratitude helps connect us to something larger than ourselves whether it be a higher power or nature. It is so important to be grateful for the food we eat especially now that many across our planet are starving due to the pandemic.

​Americans sure love to celebrate life! The holiday season kicks off with Halloween and then not long afterwards Thanksgiving is upon us, followed by Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. Americans celebrate the fruits of the harvest with gratitude. What I love about Thanksgiving is the generous giving of the intangible things in life like love and gratitude.

​All living things are made up of energy and people vibrate at different frequencies. The lower vibrational energy feelings are shame, guilt, apathy, depression, grief, fear, anger and pride. Dear hearts, you can get out of these low energy feelings by thinking of three things you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter what they are. This will swing you out of it and make way for other higher vibrational feelings to come forward such as, joy, compassion, acceptance, peace and unconditional love. So get counting …

​And remember, our thoughts affect our feelings. By changing your thoughts,you can change your feelings and therefore your mood. Gratitude opens the heart and paves the way for higher vibrational states to occur.

​Start counting your blessings today and you will be astounded by the positive results in your life.

​In love and light



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