A Mom Is A Mom Regardless Of How She Dresses

A mom is a mom regardless of how she dresses!

I saw this sentence on Taylor Paul’s TikTok and it resonated with me big time.


Taylor Paul is a mom who is famous on TikTok, but gets so much backlash for not looking like what a typical mom would look like.

How is a typical mom even supposed to look like these days?! The world we live in is so diverse, it’s just impossible.

I have been a mom since I was eighteen but somehow this time the pressure of dressing and looking a certain way has been put heavily on me. I’m not sure if it’s now because I’m older and married but when I became a mom the second time , I felt the pressure to be different, dress differently, act differently and even wear my make up differently.

To say I lost sight of myself the first two years of being a mom second time round is an understatement. I stopped wearing make up, which is crazy as I studied make up and love make up so it was not like me, I also stopped dressing up and dancing. If you know me, I love to dance, I am not a professional dancer at all but I love dancing whether it’s in my room by myself or out with friends, I have been dancing to feel free since I was a little girl. I would literally lock myself in my room for hours and just dance.

I had Eli and I stopped everything,The first two years of being a mom are hardcore, I didn’t really have time, I was exhausted but I also never made time and no one seemed to think I needed the time to just be myself or do things I enjoy. I spent every second mommying.

I eventually found mom blogging and this was my saving grace, I loved having a place to be free and just speak out .

So I wrote and blogged my heart out but something bugged me, I didn’t want to post a picture of me, I was terrified that if the moms saw me, they would judge me and unfollow me. I didn’t look like a typical mom.

I kept blogging but started losing interest, everyone felt the same, I also felt the need to be appropriate as all these moms are a lot older than me and a lot more conservative, it made me question if anyone was being real or if everyone was just trying to fit the same mound. Blogging is suppose to be about speaking your mind, not selling products and trying to get deals, I was dying to just be myself, the crazy out their quirky woman who wears what she wants and speaks her mind. The dedicated mother who isn’t afraid to be herself.

I found TikTok and my mind was blown , so many fun young moms doing dances and things I enjoyed, make up videos, fashion videos. I feel like I found my clan and so I joined and learnt dances and started doing my makeup again and pulling out old dresses and it felt good. I wasn’t going out or being crazy, I literally was just at home dressing up, putting makeup on and learning dances , everything I have loved since I was a little girl and this was fun. It made me happy especially during covid where I was not seeing friends or leaving the house at all.

I started posting my dance videos on my NanaMamaBlogInstagram and I got backlash, there were definitely amazing moms and you know who you are who have always been very supportive but I definitely got backlash and got lots of unfollowers, I even had moms who I felt were like getting confused and unfollowing me and then following me fifty times lol like a broken pc or something.

And so I started my second Instagram account , my personal account where I could just be and post my videos and all of those close to me could watch and enjoy with me. It still feels strange having two Instagram accounts which I still do.

I don’t think it’s fair that as moms we are forced to choose between who we are and who the world thinks we should be. You can’t just pop a baby out and suddenly leave everything you love. I believe if you are a good mom and no ones getting hurt, do you, whatever that may be.

Everyone needs an outlet. The amount of backlash moms are getting on TikTok is insane and it’s not for being bad moms or hurting their kids, it’s literally just for how they are dressing and enjoying themselves. Please remember that we clean nappies all day, have very little time to ourselves and barely go out or have anytime to put makeup on. We spend most of our days in pjs, let’s be honest taking care of our whole family, so when we want to go out, put a little or a lot of makeup on to feel good and dance, please let us be.

Let’s not judge moms the same way we don't judge babies just because they look different.

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